When it comes to life, we don’t believe there’s one set way of doing things, one fixed way of being. We believe in defying convention to shape our identity. Looking around, we see as many possible definitions of maternity as there are women. But when we searched for maternity clothes to match our diverse styles and lifestyles, they were nowhere to be found.

We don’t want maternity clothes that come with a rule book. We want clothes that adapt to our bodies and outlast pregnancy, clothes that empower us to celebrate our identities at every stage of life. So we are designing them. Clothes that we want to wear, pregnant or not.

Born in New York. Designed in London. Handmade in Spain.
Our collections are inspired by real, bold women like you, from London to New York. We travel the world to select the most supple fabrics from premium mills, and draw smart, modern patterns that adapt to changing figures and times. Unlike disposable maternity fashion, our clothes are designed to last with you.

In our atelier in Spain, our costureras (transl. “seamstresses”) bring generations of care and craftsmanship to our collections, putting hours of passion and dedication into every piece. In fact, they are mothers themselves, and after all, nothing competes with a mother’s devotion.

Basing our production in Spain is a priority for us. It allows us to stay close to every piece, regularly visiting the atelier and ensuring every person involved in Reconnect, from the design to the shipping, feels part of the family, treated with care and paid fairly.

Let’s defy convention. Live maternity your way.
Tati & Carmen